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This past Friday night was the second meeting of the group, but our first off session. When I started Doctor StrangeRoll, I always intend to play an alternate RPG on the days when several members of the D&D couldn’t make the game, and we were down to 50% attendance Friday night (only one of which was unexpected).

So, I broke out the West End Games Star Wars Roleplaying Game. That’s the D6 version that went out of print in the 90s for those of you keeping score at home. It’s nice and rule-light and easy to run, so it makes an excellent alternate game to play when we’re down enough players that picking up the D&D game where we left off would be a problem.

Two of my players showed up with characters already made, so we had to wait while the third made his character (not unexpected). My game prep was pretty lacking because I really only knew ahead of time what one character would be (I knew about the second about 2 days before game day). I find it hard to prep if I don’t know what kind of characters there are going to be. For example, it’s not really appropriate to create an adventure around a Jedi Master sending his apprentice out on tasks if the entire group is made of smugglers, bounty hunters, and other fringe characters, nor it is appropriate to have them indebted to a hutt if most of the characters are closely affiliated with the Jedi. I can usually ad-lib Star Wars pretty well (probably because it’s been part of my life & imagination for 34 years), but I did have a little trouble Friday night getting into things; I suspect it was a result of fatigue. It was a very taxing week.


Anyway, our Star Warsian odyssey starts with Padawan Jakar, a mon calamari and former Sith apprentice of Darth Ul being tasked by his new master on Tython, Jedi Master Shayl Bey’lya, to go to Dantooine and investigate reports trouble near a mining town, thought to be caused by a fallen Jedi, thought to be dead. Jakar is accompanied by a togorian Bounty Hunter, Khalendri. They received the name of their target: Ben-Dara Jobi and the knowledge that he was once a Jedi. Ben-Dara Jobi fell to the Dark Side during the Cold War and was severed from the Force, rather than being killed. Some time, near the end of the Cold War, he was presumed dead. The two impulsive, would-be heroes rushed off to find transportation off Tython.

While in the Spaceport, they ran across a human pirate, Baccus, who was also looking for transportation. A Republic Captain crossed their path, barking orders at his command crew, and with the help of another Jedi, S’oona Onos, they convinced Captain Damatos to grant them passage on the Republic Cruiser Crimson Hammer (Jedi stick together, and Dantooine wasn’t too much of a delay from the cruiser’s regular destination). Baccus attempted to break into the cruiser’s armory, but when he discovered it was guarded by two battle droids and a couple of armored turrets, decided the potential gains weren’t worth the risks, particular when one takes into account the fact that there’s no where to run when you’re on a cruiser in hyperspace.

The Crimson Hammer dropped our intrepid crew off in Garang, the capital of Dantooine. From there, they headed to the nearby Jedi Enclave to see if they could find more information about Ben-Dara Jobi, such as his description, possible location, and other important details for which they neglected to ask Master Bey’lya. The Archivist at the Jedi Enclave, Dorak wondered why the Council didn’t contact them about Ben-Dara Jobi’s possible resurfacing, but was more than happy to assist Padawan Jakar and his friends. They learned that Ben-Dara Jobi was a miralukan, a species born blind who “see” through the Force. Severing Ben-Dara Jobi from the Force would have robbed him of his most important sense.

Armed with knowledge of Ben-Dara Jobi’s background, they rented a speeder from a shift rodian and traveled to the mining town, Outpost 3. They learned that the mine at which most of the townsfolk earn their living recently suffered a collapse and they’ve been unable to determine a cause or get help. Also, laigreks indigenous to the area have become unusually aggressive since the collapse of the mine. Baccus suggested they acquire some equipment to help them explore the mine and they convinced the shop keeper to supply them with the mining corporation’s equipment free of charge since no one was using it anyway right now. Equipped with detonator packs, syntherope, mining lasers and one breathing mask (the masks available would fit neither a togorian nor a mon calamari and Baccus’s attempts to modify them met with catastrophic failure), they set off toward the mine….

You can read more about the setting and background on the “A Galaxy at Peace” campaign page.

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