The First Adventure

As I may have mentioned, the first game will held on February 10th. The group has been talking via e-mail about character options, asking good questions, and even discussing the adventure options (since I put it out there). As the poll shows (and discussion confirms), there are few low-level adventures as iconic as B2: Keep on the Borderlands. Adventures that I own, anyway.

However, several people have played it. Several times. My last campaign (a D&D 4E campaign, by the way) was based on a lightly modified version of Keep on the Borderlands. So, as a group, we decided it would not be the best low-level adventure to use. The low-level portion of the campaign will instead use a series: U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, U2: The Danger at Dunwater, and U3: The Final Enemy. This will have the added benefit of advancing the characters naturally through the low-levels so they’ll be at the correct level for the mid-level adventures.

The group consists of a mix of veteran players, some of which have familiarity with Basic D&D, some not, and a newbie. It will certainly be a good mix of opinions when I approach the task of writing out how the various editions play.

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One thought on “The First Adventure

  1. Good choice. Was leaning towards U1 anyway.

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