Need a balanced party?

Since the game hasn’t started yet (February 10th will be the first session), the players who are participating in the Doctor Strangeroll campaign are doing what players do: planning their characters in advance. The Basic D&D aspect of this greatly amuses me, as that game is so simple, planning mostly involves deciding what class to play and what weapon you’re going to wield. There are no skills. No feats. Hardly any decisions of any kind to be made during character creation.

So far, for 6 players, I have three whose first choice is thief. Two others’ first choice is elf, and one is dwarf. There are a few magic-user second choices. Notice anything missing?

Oops. No Cleric.

I could be mean and say nothing (too late if any of them read this blog, and I know at least one of you do 😉 ). Then when a whole lotta dyin’ is goin’ on, the results will speak for themselves. Granted, a Basic D&D cleric isn’t going to be doing much healing at level one. Or level two. So, aside from turning undead, they’ll only be missing out on another heavy armor wearing front-line person who doesn’t attack quite as well as a fighter. Again, at first level, it won’t make a difference.

Fortunately, Basic D&D (and AD&D, too, for that matter) has a built-in solution: HIRELINGS!

It’ll be darn hard not to give any hireling clerics names like Brother Maynard, Durkon, or Friar Tuck, though (the first two moreso than the last one, though). Maybe I should name them after Catholic saints? (Francis, Damian, Rene Goupil…)

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6 thoughts on “Need a balanced party?

  1. The_Henchman

    Eh, if you’re going to have to use hirelings you mights as well have fun with the names. I nominate Aquaman.

  2. Basic D&D clerics always seemed odd to me since there wasn’t much made of who they were worshiping.

  3. Makes as much sense as anything…

    I always found the “no edged/pointed weapons” thing to be such a bummer as a kid.

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