Low-Level Adventure Poll

Even though I don’t consider some of these old enough to be Classic or Iconic adventures, I’ve include every low-level adventure I own in this poll, with the exception of the Paizo Adventure Paths and the World’s Largest Dungeon. They’re really too large in scope for the purposes of the Doctor Strangeroll Campaign.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the pictures I attached to the poll linked correctly. If you can’t decide without the pictures, just Google the adventure title.

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5 thoughts on “Low-Level Adventure Poll

  1. John

    Forgot B1: In Search of the Unknown, packaged with the Holmes Basic set back in the day.

  2. I think I may have it if you want to borrow it.

    I need to look through my pdfs as I bought some back when Paizo was selling them (with the remaining money from my Dragon and Dungeon subscriptions).

    I voted for Keep on the Borderlands. It was my first module and I still consider it iconic. Secret of Saltmarsh was in the running.

    Crown of the Kobold King is on there twice, btw.

  3. D.G. Moore

    Lara’ Lair (?), a Judge’s Gui;\ld adventure

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