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It should be self-evident since it’s one of the first things you see upon reaching this site, but I have a new header graphic.

Wesley K. Hall, the man responsible for the naming of this blog, whipped up a suitable header graphic. While the camel & pyramids were nice, they were the default for the template I chose to base this blog on, so this new, custom graphic is much more suitable. Sadly, I haven’t figured out yet how to get the tagline to NOT cover up his helmet.

If you don’t get the reference, it’s an homage to Major Kong riding the atomic bomb from Doctor Strangelove.

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2 thoughts on “New Header Graphic

  1. Love it. Is there a way to move the text box with “D&D Adventures through the Editions” in it so you can see his helmet?

    One of my favourite movies. I think I mentioned to you before that I wrote a paper on it when I was in college. I still have it somewhere.

    • I desperately want to move that text box. Even if I clear out all the text, part of it remains. It’s hardcoded into the template, I think. Unfortunately, I lack the HTML skills to figure out where it is in the site’s code (in fact, I haven’t even found the site’s code for that stuff) and move it. I suspect I have to pay for the full customization ability.

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