The Low-Level Adventures

I currently own twenty-four low-level adventure from which to choose. I define low-level here as being designed for characters of starting level between 1 and 3, except in the case of D&D 4E, where I’m just including Heroic Tier (level 1-10). I doubt I’ll choose any D&D 4E adventures, however, because they haven’t been out long enough to be considered “Classic” by most definitions of that word.

One could make the argument that I should only consider modules from Basic D&D and AD&D since even D&D 3.X and Pathfinder could be considered too modern for any adventures achieve “Classic” status. I’ve also omitted Pathfinder Adventure path books from this list, though it might be interested to run an adventure path through the grinder of four different editions. Someday. That would be exhausting, I think.

I’ve bolded the adventures I’m leaning to choosing for the Low-Level Adventure. I’m basing my choices on what I think people have at least heard of, even if they don’t have first-hand experience with them, but not so common that most players could know all the important details (like The Village of Hommlet or Keep on the Borderlands). Ultimately, I’ll probably lay out half-a-dozen adventures, and let the group have a vote.

Arena of Souls
(Pathfinder, 3-4)
T1: The Village of Hommlet
(AD&D 1st Edition, Intro – Novice)
B2: Keep on the Borderlands
(Basic D&D, 1-3)
The Sinister Secret of Whiterock
(D&D 3.5, 1-3)
B3: Palace of the Silver Princess
(Basic D&D, 1-3)
The Tomb of Abysthor
(D&D 3.0, 2-8)
D1: Crown of the Kobold King
(Pathfinder, 2nd level)
U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
(AD&D 1st Edition, 1-3)
FRC1: Ruins of Adventure
(AD&D 1st Edition, 1+)
U2: Danger at Dunwater
(AD&D 1st Edition, 1-4)
Keep Away from the Borderlands!
(Pathfinder, 1st level)
U3: The Final Enemy
(AD&D 1st Edition, 3-5)
L1: The Secret of Bone Hill
(AD&D 1st Edition, 2-4)
We Be Goblins
(Pathfinder, 1st level)
L2: Assassin’s Knot
(AD&D 1st Edition, 2-5)
Wrath of the River King
(D&D 4E, 4-6)
N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God
(AD&D 1st Edition, 1-3)
X1: The Isle of Dread
(Basic D&D, 3-7)
N4: Treasure Hunt
(AD&D 1st Edition, 0-1)
U2: Hangman’s Noose
(D&D 3.5, 1st level)
R1: Rappan Athuk – The Dungeon of Graves: The Upper Levels
(D&D 3.0, 3-7)
D0: Hollow’s Last Hope
(D&D 3.5, 1st level)
Shadows of the Last War
(D&D 3.5, 2nd level)
TC1: Into the Haunted Forest
(D&D 3.5, 1st level)

Are there obvious adventures I’m missing on this list? Classics I don’t have or may not know about? I might be inclined to seek out a few of them, though some are rare enough and expensive enough on the secondary market that it would require donations of cash or the adventure itself to get me to consider purchasing it.

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