Setting foot into a world of adventure

I was chatting on Twitter one day with my friend Enrique from over at NewbieDM, and he said someone should do a blog where they play a classic D&D adventure, then re-run it with the same group, using a different edition and keep doing so, until you’ve gone through all the editions. During this time, they would blog about their experiences and compare the editions and the adventure (how it ran under it’s native system vs. how it runs with updated mechanics, etc.).

I thought to myself “I can do that!”

Since the death of my first wife in November 2008, I’ve sort of been on a gaming hiatus. I still play once in a while, and I GM at conventions, but I haven’t had a regular home-based group since early 2009. During Gen Con 2011, my wife and I (if you’re having trouble following that: I remarried) purchased a table from Geek Chic. I figured, if I’m going to have an heirloom quality gaming table, why not christen it with a project like this?

In case you’re wondering, my table will look something like this.

My Spartan is a Fellowship-style and is on schedule for a late-February/early-March delivery, giving me plenty of time to clear out all the other furniture in that room that has no place in my happy little gaming haven. I haven’t decided if I’m going to name my table or not. It seems silly, yet awesome to do so.

Hopefully, I can get the furniture moved out before the weather turns really bad. If I do, I have some folding tables I can game on and get this thing rolling in January!

Of course, this will require me to put together a group of exceptional gamers. Gamers that are dedicated enough to be able to play the same 3 (or so) adventures at least 4 times in a row using basically the same characters.

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5 thoughts on “Setting foot into a world of adventure

  1. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. And that is a beautiful table!

  2. If you were in the DC area, I’d volunteer in a heartbeat. Sounds like both a fun and instructive project.

  3. Me too. And the table is fantastic. Wish it were feasible for me to drive up for the games.

  4. varianor

    Oh yeah. Looking forward to reading about it.

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